If you drive your vehicle every day, you are probably very aware of how your vehicle usually performs. Once your vehicle starts to experience the inevitable suspension wear and tear, you are going to feel it. These issues might be, instability at high speeds, clunky noises when going over bumps or potholes and excessive bouncing. What you may be not be aware of is that customization such as bigger or wider wheels, offsets and other factors can also affect the suspension and the ride of your vehicle. Either way, there is a solution to get the smooth riding experience you have always wanted. On tough roads, suspension carefully controls quick, sharp, and sudden movements. Believe it or not, a proper operating suspension system may prevent chronic back aches and injuries caused by rough rides. Despite being one of the most crucial parts of a car, it is often underestimated.

In this discussion, we aim to highlight the importance of a suspension and how the inner workings of each type affect the vehicle and its ride.

What is a Suspension?

The most simple and brief answer is that suspension is a component of a vehicle that makes unwanted forces ineffective. This means that it negates the forces your car experiences while driving to ensure that the cabin remains still. The suspension system provides a “cushion” in the event of a running into bumps, rocks or cracks on the road. It also makes sure you have control over the tires at every stage of driving by making sure the vehicle stays in contact with the road.

How do factory and airbag suspensions differ from each other?

While this question can have an entire blog section to itself, we will try and keep this as brief and informative as possible. Let’s define the two separately.

What is stock or factory suspension:

Generally, a stock suspension controls the spring movement and increases the life of your tires. Like any other type of suspension, it absorbs the shock of the terrain. It reduces the impact of a hit on other essential vehicle components. Stock or Factory automobile suspension may include the following within its system:

Springs are the core part of the system that is found between the wheels and the frame. This kind of placement allows the wheels to withstand the bumps and irregularities of the route.

While springs are good at trapping the shocks, they are not smooth at releasing them. A snubber or a shock is responsible for absorbing this energy. Combined, these components work together to manage unnecessary movements.

Struts are also an important part of a suspension system. They are similar in function to snubber.

What is Airbag Suspension?

The Air suspension system was developed in the US for heavy aircrafts during WWII. Today, many heavy vehicles such as buses, tow trucks or big rigs are equipped with airbags to properly distribute the weight of their hauls. Air suspension is powered by an electric compressor or pump which control the 4 Air struts installed to each wheel. These air struts can inflate or deflate to manipulate the ride of the height. A major difference in the smoothness between Factory and airbag suspension can be felt during the ride.

Immediately after airbag installation, you notice extensive reduction in cabin noise, and ride roughness thus increasing the comfort level for the duration of the route.

For heavy-duty driving, air can Increase the transportation/hauling capabilities by providing correct weight distribution, resulting in less damage caused to the suspension system.

Full control of ride height via remote control or phone app. Want to have a comfortable long ride? Raise it up. Want to impress everyone at a car show? Slam it! Its for you to decide at your fingertips.

Offers more consistency while keeping all the wheels even and smooth.

So whether you have a long commute to work every day and want to have the most pleasant riding experience, or you are competing in a car show for the best fitment, Air bag Suspension is a multipurpose tool to help you achieve your goals.

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